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Our multi-cuisine restaurant offers both Indian and international cuisines. Stunning view of the Dhula and surroundings
can be enjoyed from the restaurant, while you enjoy authentic home cooked flavours using only the freshest
ingredients available.

Camel & Horse Safari

Riding a camel is not the easiest thing in the world. Nor is it a great test for endurance. Yet, it most certainly is a
great experience. We provide good, trained, riding camels. You'll feel transported back in time to a romantic,
turbulent era of turbaned warrior-princes, martial valor, and cloistered harems.

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari is the fastest and most conducive way to explore the beautiful natural landscapes and cultural life
and heritage of Rajasthan. Jeep safari can be most useful in exploring the rich flora and fauna in the various
Wildlife Sanctuaries and the National Parks of Rajasthan.

Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes, the hills of sand created by wind have a capturing charm and give a real experience of the Desert
state – Rajasthan. The sand dunes constantly change their appearance with the movements of wind. The best way
to enjoy the sand dunes is by a camel safari trip. It is a completely mesmerising experience for every visitor who comes
to Rajasthan's sand dunes.

Documentary/Film Shoot

Dhula Garh A Heritage Palace, Traditional Theme, Fort,
Sand Dunes, Stepwell, old heritage houses.

Pre wedding shoot

Pre wedding shoot at Dhula Garh In house ,
Pool Side , terrace, Main CourtYard, Jharaokha.


Venue - Dhula Garh, 2 Lawns, Courtyard, Big Hall, Bar,
Catering , Decoration and Parking

Swimming Pool

Dhula Garh has a delectable range of Indian cuisine on offer.
Enjoy the food prepared for you by our tradition

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